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In 1971, Don Stills partnered with his father, Paul Stills, in the family business that was then known as Fairview Tree Service.  However, after Paul worked on the construction of the rock walls that run throughout the UNC- Asheville Botanical Gardens, the two decided to focus their time and talent on the masonry business.  Stills Stone began in 1973.

Since then, the business has grown from small backyard patios and retaining walls to elegant fireplaces and extravagant homes.  With each passing year, Don Stills has honed his craft, becoming known as a skilled artisan and master craftsman.  In addition to masonry work, the partners began a stone and building supply company that supplied other masons, landscape architects and homeowners with the stones and building supplies, such as sand and cement, they needed to complete their own projects.  They opened a shop on Hwy. 74 in Fairview in 1992 and served the community with building supplies, masonry, and general home improvement guidance until the location grew too small for the ever expanding selection of stones from North and South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee.

Stills Stone Company and Masonry Construction moved only a few miles further down the road to 3115 Cane Creek Road in Fairview.  With the new location, the variety of stones builders and homeowners can choose from has grown substantially.  Stills Stone Company is now the largest stone supply company in Western North Carolina.

While the business has expanded and nearly 40 years of experience has certainly added to the quality of craftsmanship, the focus was and has always been on the individual customer.  Whether you are a homeowner seeking to improve your curb appeal or a commercial builder, Stills Stone believes in treating each job with the care an artist gives each individual creation.